Nick Seneca Jankel

Repurpose Your Career, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Regenerate Our Crisis-Hit World By Mastering Transformational Leadership.

Now Lead The Change is a tour de force that brings together, in one volume, the essential science, wisdom, and tools for becoming a truly transformational leader—from one of the world’s preeminent theorists and teachers.

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About the Author:

Nick Seneca Jankel

Nick Jankel is an award-winning thought leader, author, international keynote speaker, leadership advisor and wisdom teacher.

With a Triple First from Cambridge University in Science and Philosophy of Science, Nick Jankel is one of the world's pre-eminent practitioners, keynote speakers, and theorists on transformational leadership and is the lead architect of neuroscience-driven change and leadership methodology Bio-Transformation Theory®. 

When not expanding the theory and writing books about it, he designs and facilitates transformational leadership programs that actually work; and advises C-Suite leaders of ambitious organizations on how to transform themselves.

“As a transformation guru, Nick Jankel uses his unique voice and powerful insights to inspire. His ideas are as relevant to the newest startup as they are to the oldest public company.”

Special Advisor to President Obama & Former Head of White House Office of Social Innovation

“At the forefront of thinking about creativity, sustainability, and entrepreneurship and communicates with authority, conviction, and on the basis of personal experience.”

Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry, European Commission

“Nick Jankel goes deeper and clearly made an impact on me and on others. Looking forward to seeing the seeds grow in my mind and my organization.”

EVP, Merck

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The 7 Gems of Bio-Transformation Theory®


A brain-based, wisdom-wired methodology, philosophy & toolset for leading rapid transformation in self & systems, Bio-Transformation Theory® is comprised of 7 key elements:


The One 
Unified Self


The Two Modes of Consciousness


The Third Way of Creative Harmony


The Four 
Elements of 
Self & Systems


The Five Stages of Transformational Development


The Six Spirals of Transformational 


The Seven Steps of 
The Transformation 

“A pronounced and profound impact. Exceptional.”

CEO, HSBC South Africa

“An outstanding framework with powerful tools. Huge impact!”

President, Kellogg Company

“Nick Jankel is engaging, humorous, and strategic—inspiring people to have a strong commitment.”

Director of Strategy, UK Government

Our world is being hit by multiple crises—from Covid-19 to the climate emergency. Our organizations must adapt rapidly to exponential technologies and ever-changing customer needs. We all must deal with endless uncertainty, overwhelm, and automation. But conventional leadership thinking was developed to maintain the status quo, not to transform it.

Our emerging reality requires that every leader can upgrade their mindsets and habits not just once, but constantly, to ensure their organizations, and societies, adapt in time. With our disrupted and damaged world demanding continuous transformations—in products, processes, policies, and people—only truly transformational leaders take charge of change to secure sustained success. 

No enterprise—or species—can outperform the capacity of its leaders to be transformational. It is adapt or die on an unprecedented scale. The stakes could not be higher.

Now Lead The Change sets out out a powerful and profound—yet extremely practical—method for mastering transformational leadership so you can lead your people, organization, and system towards a regenerative future.

Within is a lucid, luminous, and illustrated summary of Bio-Transformation Theory, pioneered by the author over 25 years on the front lines of personal, business, and systemic change. Grounded in the latest brain science, fueled by essential embodied wisdom, and focused on landing lasting change in concrete situations as fast as humanly possible, BTT contains 7 life-changing—and world-changing—principles to master your own biology; metabolize any problem into purpose and profit; and step up as a next-level leader with transformational mindsets, habits, and tools. Contains chapters on what Covid-19 reveals, amplifies, and requires from leaders.

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