"Helped me understand and increase my own self-awareness of what I want and am interested in. It was really useful to me."

Leader, FTSE 100 Retailer

"People in my workplace were having problems in so I started using some of the tools which made a real difference to them.

Leader, Global Travel Provider

"It taught me to ask the right questions and understand why we behave in the way we do. This helped both in self reflection and in understanding my colleagues.


Leader, Global Enginering Company

"A genuine opportunity to explore and resolve matters of professional interest as well as assess progress and motivation in an honest yet confidential environment.

Leader, Gobal Construction Company

"I decided to have a difficult conversation with a work colleague which was long overdue. This has highlighted a problem our team faces as a whole and has made others feel confident to speak up too.


Leader, FTSE 100 Property Developer

"I am stunned at the changes and the speed of them.

Leader & HR Director, NHS

The toolkit is a ‘plug and play’ digital product that needs no training, interventions or even introductory sessions. It runs on a tablet or smart phone and is beautifully illustrated and packed full of the latest science and tips for empowerment in super-accessible form.


A digital toolkit to help you develop the key moods, mindsets, and behaviors of a truly transformational leader.


Grab a free session of the toolkit to see how it works for you.


The Benefits

How it works

Inside The Kit

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Grab a free session of the toolkit to see how it works for you.


Grab a free session of the toolkit to see how it works for you.

Advance your career to the next level career by mastering how to break through your moods, mindsets, and habits—when they are blocking or sabotaging your potential

Expand your capabilities in creative problem-solving, breakthrough thinking, and innovation—and deepen your emotional intelligence so you can help your co-workers expand theirs

Build more resourcefulness and resilience by exploring wellbeing and wisdom practices that deliver less stress and overwhelm—and boost mindfulness and motivation

Progress meaningful goals that turn nice ideas into concrete change—progressively transforming yourself, your team, and your organization

Develop a lasting and generative relationship with a peer—a potential lifelong ally for a flourishing career of truly transformational leadership

Learn how to come up with transformations and innovations that might future proof your organization—so it adapts to the fast-changing world

Help yourself and colleagues to engage positively in change, challenge, and crises—including leading upwards to help bosses have breakthroughs

Build confidence, skills, and techniques as a transformational coach—so you can help anyone break through their barriers and up their game

Unlike expensive executive coaching, the plug-and-play kit provides a low-cost, safe, yet proven framework for you to coach a colleague... whilst they coach you

Unlike a book, where you can ignore that challenging bits, the kit harnesses the highest-quality executive coaching questions—and a real coaching relationship—to help you change as fast as possible

Unlike training, the kit is digital and virtual, so you can develop in your own space and time and at your own speed—flexing around existing work and life commitments so you don't go into overwhelm

Unlike one-size-fits-all programs, the kit is designed to meet you where you are at in your unique situation—and support you to get to the next level, whatever that means for you

Use with a colleague, friend, or partner in any role, at any level of seniority, and in any organization—or work through it on your own

Contains everything you need to enjoy 6 sessions of peer-powered executive coaching—designed to fit into a time-bound and so doable 3 month period (or longer if you choose to take it slower and go deeper)

Includes a world-class goal achievement system—provided as a separate workbook for ease and usefulness—to set and nail 12+ objectives that deliver concrete change

Go deeper if you choose with 20+ powerful yet simplified next-level coaching techniques—that will boost your skills, confidence, and intuition as a transformational coach that serves others

One session of Executive Coaching


6 Sessions of Peer Coaching