Work independently or team up with a colleague to boost your leadership agility, creativity, and adaptability with our "plug-and-play" toolkit.

In our fast-changing and uncertain world, no product, organization, leadership strategy or business model stays successful for long. We need to consciously break through the past if we want to forge the future. The challenge is that our biologies and company cultures are wired up to hold onto old ideas and repeat old behaviors. The latest science tells us that every leader, at every level in an organization, is born to transform. 

This toolkit is designed to allow you to transform your mindsets and behaviors in your own space and time; and at your own speed. You can flex around work and life commitments; and fit your self-mastery and transformational leadership development agenda within your busy schedule. You can also use the toolkit entirely virtually. 



Grab a free session of the toolkit to see how it works for you.


"Helped me understand and increase my own self-awareness of what I want and am interested in. It was really useful to me."

Leader, FTSE 100 Retailer

"People in my workplace were having problems in so I started using some of the tools which made a real differene to them.

Leader, Global Travel Provider

"It taught me to ask the right questions and understand why we behave in the way we do. This helped both in self reflection and in understanding my colleagues.


Leader, Global Enginering Company

"A genuine opportunity to explore and resolve matters of professional interest as well as assess progress and motivation in an honest yet confidential environment.

Leader, Gobal Construction Company

"I decided to have a difficult conversation with a work colleague which was long overdue. This has highlighted a problem our team faces as a whole and has made others feel confident to speak up too.


Leader, FTSE 100 Property Developer

"I am stunned at the changes and the speed of them.

Leader & HR Director, NHS

How It Works

This toolkit is divided into six sessions to be completed every 1-4 weeks and is designed to generate change by: shifting how you think and act as a leader over a sustained period; developing how you coach others and; helping you progress tangible goals.

Each session will provide you with brain-based insights and techniques from Bio-Transformation Theory® – our proven methodology for leading transformation in any area of business, work and life.

At the end of each session, you will be invited to choose one or two goals or “missions’ to achieve by the start of the next session, and in so doing turning ideas and inspiration into tangible change.

The Benefits

Provides you with everything you need to enjoy a career-changing and business-changing leadership development experience

Rewires you to tap into your innate creativity and capabilities and learn how to become part of the solution and escape corrosive cycles of blame

Inside The System

The toolkit is a ‘plug and play’ digital product that needs no training, interventions or even introductory sessions. It runs on a tablet or smart phone and is beautifully illustrated and packed full of the latest science and tips for empowerment in super-accessible form.

Teaches powerful mindfulness, stress-reduction, and motivational techniques aimed to help you balance the demands of a full commitment to work with your own need for internal resourcing and resilience

Provides you with support and empowerment to optimize your value creation in your business, your impact on the world and your own career path

Delivers concrete transformational results through 10+ goals with full accountability around ownership, mastery, and renewed commitment

Deepens engagement in the ideas within our open programs to ensure leaders put the life-changing and world-changing tools and thinking to work in real-time